Bolted Anchor Building

Intermediate 6 Hours Limited Availability

LEVEL 2 : Set Up Your Own Top Rope

If you know the basics of rock climbing then you are ready to start setting up on your own. During this six hour session, your professional climbing instructor will teach you how to set up a top rope on bolts.

There are many bolted anchors in the Denver area and across the country that you can use for rock climbing after learning how to safely achieve this. This course is also a great introduction to more advanced skills like lead climbing.

Learn to Build Anchors

Effectively utilize slings, carabiners, cordelette, and rope to make a bomber top-rope climbing anchor.

Check for Safety

Learn how to assess bolts for integrity and double check your system before climbing.

Learn to Rappel

After constructing your anchor, descend the rope using AMGA rappel techniques.

Clean the Anchor

If you've climbed outside before, you've heard people talking about this step. Learn to do it right!

DSC_5926 Bolted Anchor Building
DSC_9206 Bolted Anchor Building

Pre-Reqs: Knowledge of belaying, tying a figure eight, and basic climbing safety checks. Need to learn these skills? Click here for our Intro to Outdoor Rock Climbing Course.


Select the day you want to learn how to set up a top-rope on a bolted anchor. We will confirm guide availability with in 24 hours.


Prepare for the Course

We will provide a recommended gear list and reading material to prepare you for this session. All information will be sent after booking.

Meet Your Instructor

Your course instructor will be in contact about the exact location of your course. This can change based on group size.

Understad the Equipment

The first section of this course is learning the pros, cons, and versatility of the anchor materials. Learn about carabiners, slings, webbing, and cordelette.

Bolt Access

Learn how to get to the bolted anchor and safely attach yourself so you can start setting up your top-rope anchor system.

Bolt Assessment

Evaluate the bolts for safety. Make sure the bolts are acceptable to catch a fall and to be an anchoring point.

Anchor Construction

Learn several anchor setups and the pros/cons of each. Learn to build an anchor with the materials you have available.


After constructing the anchor, descend the rope using AMGA apporoved rappelling techniques.

Anchor Cleaning

Learn to remove all anchor equipment and rappel back to the base after a day of climbing.

Ready to learn the next step? Book this course today!

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