20 Min. from Denver 4 Hours Beginner/Intermediate

Descend a 300ft Cliff

Your day starts by hiking to the top of a 300 foot cliff.  Your professional guide will instruct on all the skills of rappelling, including rappel device setup, safety, and technique. Once you know the basics, it’s time to get down! You are in control of your descent.

Approach the side of the cliff by safety tether and get your equipment ready. We will be descending three lengths of rope as we make our way down. Expect amazing views and exhilarating exposure! A true Colorado adventure.

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Pricing Chart

Come and join the thrill and excitement of rappelling with the Denver Climbing Company Team! Descend a real 300 foot cliff in the Colorado wilderness. This is the real thing. Prereqs: Must be 18+ to participate. No other requirements. This is a great option for first timers and experienced climber.

One Person
4 Hours
  • Amazing Views
  • Equipment Included
  • Training and Safety
  • 3 or More Rappels
2+ People
4 Hours
  • Group Discount
  • Training & Safety
  • All Equipment
  • Great for All Skill Levels


300 Foot Cliff

Meet Your Guide

Meet your guide at the designated rappelling location. All locations are about 20 minutes from downtown Denver. You will be sent a navigation link after booking.

Gear Up

We will provide all the equipment you need to safely descend the cliff. This includes a harnesses, helmets, and rappel devices.

Hike to the Top

Enjoy the beautiful Colorado scenery as you ascend to the top of our cliff in the Colorado mountains. This is an uphill hike of moderate difficulty.

Learn the Skills

We will teach you the skills you need to descend the cliff safely. We start by practicing on a short cliff to get warmed up.

Rappel Down

Use these new skills to make multiple rappels down the sheer cliff face. You will learn safety techniques to always be in control.


Upon reaching the cliff base, we will hike back to our vehicles.

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“Cannot say enough good things about our rappelling experience! Dan was knowledgeable, fun and made us feel super safe. Would do it again in a heartbeat if we lived in the area. Highly recommended”
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Courtney P
Client 2018
“We have the best guide and most amazing experience repelling with Denver Climbing Co. Doing it again next year on the next trip to Colorado!”
DSC_5926-394x394 Rappelling
Olga B.
Client 2018

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