Sport Climbing

20 Min. from Denver 6 Hours Intermediate

Learn to Sport Climb

Sport climbing is the art of ascending rock cliffs while clipping a rope through bolts for protection. Although this form of climbing has more risk then top-rope rock climbing, it also comes with more reward.

Many climbing areas require the skill of sport climbing, as there is no other way to reach the top and set up a rope. It also provides a greater mental and physical challenge to push your limits even further.

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What will I learn?

Bolt Evaluation Quickdraw Placement Clipping Technique Falling Technique Lead Belaying

What do I need?

Climbing Rope Climbing Shoes Climbing Rope Harness/Helmet Belay Device w/Locking Carabiner Quickdraws (10 - 14)

Pricing Chart

Check out our full recommended progression list here.
One Climber
Solo Session
  • Expert Instruction
  • Demo Equipment
  • Required Gear List
  • Multiple Sport Climbs
2+ Climbers
Group Session
  • Group Discount
  • Expert Instruction
  • Demo Equipment
  • Multiple Sport Climbs


Sport Climbing

Meet Your Guide

Meet your guide at the course location that will be provided after booking. Locations are chosen based on group size and weather. All locations are about 20 minutes from downtown Denver.

Gear Up

A complete required gear list will be provided after course registration. Want to try out sport climbing before purchasing the equipment? No problem, we can supply complimentary demo equipment.

Learn the Equipment

Your guide will explain all the required equipment, including it’s use, care, and more.

Learn the Skills

Your guide will teach you proper technique to safely asses bolts, attach quickdraws, fall properly, communicate with your belayer, how to lead belay, and more. You must already be competent in anchor building and rappelling. Both of these skills are taught in our Top-Rope Anchor Building Class.

Go Climbing

Put these new skills to use and smooth your process by climbing. Your guide will always be available to monitor for safety, provide further instruction, and help you hone in that skill.


Debrief with your guide and ask any questions.

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“So I have been climbing my whole life and when I got the opportunity to go to CO I had to hit the rock. Dan with DCC is not only extremely personable, he is extremely knowledgeable and safe.”
DSC_9212-394x394 Sport Climbing
Erin M.
Client 2017
“Very informative class. The people were fun and Dan was an excellent instructor. I learned so much and am truly hooked on rock climbing.”
DSC_5926-394x394 Sport Climbing
Kate D.
Client 2018

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DSC_6286 Sport Climbing

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