Best Climbing Gyms in Denver

Learn about the best indoor rock climbing gyms in Denver, Colorado. Or try outdoor climbing with Denver Climbing Company.

Whether you’re looking to try out a new hobby or you’re an avid climber in Denver for the first time, or perhaps you’re searching for a new way to get fit in your hometown – we’re going to cover the best climbing gyms in Denver, Colorado, to ensure that you know the best spots to check out.

It should come as no surprise that there are a ton of indoor climbing gyms in Denver: Colorado is the most active state in the nation, with rock climbing being voted as the most popular sport, but as you may know – it’s not always the sunniest, which is what drives the need for indoor rock climbing gyms.

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Image: Denver Bouldering Club
  1. Denver Bouldering Club

For the last 11 years, Denver Bouldering Club has been the city’s favorite place to climb. Taking up two locations – south and central downtown Denver – to fulfil all your climbing needs. The gym offers a premium climbing experience, with over 13,000 square feet of bouldering space, home to a community of climbing enthusiasts and friendly faces. The positive reviews on their website cite benefits like ‘the friendliest vibes’ and ‘incredible training opportunities’ to excite even the newest of climbers into the world of indoor climbing.

DBC is open 24/7 for members and prides itself on inclusivity for all – a pretty good combination if you ask us. They reset their routes weekly, and have the highest turnover rate of climbers. It’s why DBC is always ranked top for the best climbing gyms in Dever, Colorado.

  1. Earth Treks Englewood

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Earth Treks Englewood. As the newest and largest rock climbing gym in the Denver area, Earth Treks is home to 53,000 square feet of climbing space bliss. One of the biggest appeals to Earth Treks is the alternate services it offers, including yoga, strength training and high intensity cardio classes; because to be a successful climber, you have to cross-train! The massive space may intimidate you if you’re new to climbing, but worry not – this gym is a safe haven for newbies and climbing junkies alike.

Photo: Earth Treks Englewood
  1. Movement Climbing + Fitness

This gym boats two locations – Baker and RiNo – with all-access included in your membership for those climbers looking for flexibility. As of November last year, Movement is now owned by El Cap, the parent company of Earth Treks. This is great news for all climbers in Denver, because if you’re a member at either gym, you can now visit all five locations under your one membership.

If you’re a frequent traveller this is particularly appealing because your membership to this gym now allows you to access El Cap’s other facilities in the nation, including Baltimore, DC, California and Oregon. What’s not to love?

  1. Mountain Strong

Mountain Strong on Broadway is a unique climbing gym because it combines rock climbing with the ever-popular Crossfit. According to their website, Mountain Strong prides itself on intense training, the therapeutic benefit of hard work and boosting your physical performance.

The gym offers training camps, mobility/recovery sessions, personal training, CrossFit and of course – climbing. The training camps are one of their biggest appeals, claiming to help you climb harder and ski faster in just six weeks. This unique sport specific training camp is certainly attractive to advanced climbers and athletes who want to reach new heights (literally).

  1. Rock’n & Jam’n

With two Denver locations, this gym with the funky name is family focused, friendly and fun. The gym is a great choice for beginners who want to gain a foundational level of rock climbing, learning the fundamentals and key skills needed to excel as a climber. Rock’n  & Jam’n encourages climbers of all ages to try climbing at their facility, and have created routes specifically for children – fun for all the family!

Rock n Jammin Climbing Gym Colorado
Photo: Rockn' & Jammin Thornton

    6. The Spot Bouldering Gym

One of the first climbing gyms in Colorado, The Spot has two locations in Boulder and Denver’s Golden Triangle. Ranking number two on Yelp, this gym is a fan favorite. The new Denver location is fairly quiet, which makes it an appealing option for more advanced climbers who may enjoy the quiet space to climb away. Plus there’s a DJ and they serve beer, really make it the spot to be.

  1. Übergrippen Indoor Climbing Crag

Contributing to the thriving fitness vibes at Stanley Marketplace, this gym offers 16,000 square feet of climbing, featuring a 15 foot tall boulder wall and plenty of classes to cross-train. They offer adult climbing leagues, training clubs, climbing instruction classes, group events, birthday parties and more; making it a great option if you’re looking to get involved in a community of like-minded climbers.

Photo: Ubergrippen Indoor Climbing Crag

Or…. Option 8. Denver Climbing Company (outdoor Rock Climbing…we cheated)

Even though it’s not an indoor climbing gym, Denver Climbing Company is a great option if you want to take your rock climbing to the next level – outside. This outdoor rock climbing group teaches participants about the fundamentals of climbing, and puts them into practice. It’s led by professional guides who have years of rock climbing experience, and you can join groups for beginners or advanced.

Not only are you gaining real outdoor climbing experience, you’re also meeting a community of climbing enthusiasts who you can build relationships with for social connectedness, fitness and fun. This is what underpins the bouldering lifestyle, so if you’ve only stuck to indoor climbing gyms in Denver, it’s time you take it to nature! Assuming the weather permits, of course.

Thanks for checking out our guide of the best climbing gyms in Denver, Colorado. If you’re struggling to decide which gym to become a member at, the best advice is to explore all of your options. Check out each of these climbing facilities and bouldering gyms in Denver, Colorado and see which one sparks your interest. The important things to consider are pricing, community, hours, how many locations they have and whether they offer other fitness classes that will provide for you total body fitness. So let’s get going – join a climbing gym in Denver today.

Person top-rope rock climbing
Image: Denver Climbing Company

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