Covid-19 Safety Plan

Novel Coronavirus Covid-19, women and men with medical face mask. Concept of coronavirus quarantine. Vector Illustration

Denver Climbing Company takes the safety of our clients, staff, and community very seriously. We have remained closed for the entirety of the Stay at Home Order and fully agree this was a necessary step in the fight against the Coronavirus.  We will be strictly following the government guidelines for a responsible re-opening. Before signing up, please consider these points.

  • If you feel any symptoms of illness, stay at home.
  • Don’t travel far from your home.
  • Wear a face covering when around others.

We have been in close discussion with our local community and health officials to make the correct choices during this sensitive time. Upon the end of quarantine, we will be implementing enhanced sanitation and safety practices to re-open our services in a responsible way.

1. Hand Sanitation

All participants and guides will sanitize their hands before and after each climb. (Sanitizer provided by Denver Climbing Company)

2. Pre-Checks

All clients and staff will undergo a pre-participation Covid Questionnaire.

3. Face Coverings

All participants and guides will wear face coverings to prevent asymptomatic spread.

4. Distancing

Clients and guides will remain 6 feet apart from each other and others in the area, unless necessary for safety purposes. Crowded climbing areas will also be avoided.

5. Equipment Sanitation

All equipment will be thoroughly sanitized after each use.

6. Private Guiding Only (Until June 5th)

All classes will be upgraded to Private Guiding. This means it will only be who you bring plus your guide. Sign-up for any session you would like. The upgrade will happen automatically.

We will continue to monitor the situation and modify this policy as required. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

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