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Our team is trained through the American Mountain Guide Association. We are committed to a professional and fun environment.
Climbing Stewardship


We are committed to ongoing care of our climbing areas for everyone to enjoy. Part of our income is donated back to our local crags.
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Denver Climbing Company will never charge to preserve a memory. Take your own or have your guide document the experience during the day.

My Inspiration

While growing up, I constantly fought with a severe anxiety disorder. Even when I knew I could do it, my fight or flight response kicked in with every stressful event. The ensuing  shaky hands and brain fog lead to my repeated failure and embarrassment.

After an untold number of  anxiety related setbacks, I decided that was not going to be my life. I tried rock climbing as an attempt at self led exposure therapy. I barely made it off the ground.  But the format of climbing allowed me to quickly reset and try again. That time I got a little further. Over the course of the next few years, my brain relearned how to react to stress and I was climbing things I never thought possible. I went on to learn to skydive and BASE jump as well.

Rock climbing saved me.  It set my life back on track and provides everything I need even to this day. So I started Denver Climbing Company to be that avenue for others.

My favorite days are when I notice people on a similar journey. Keep it up, you can do it.

-Dan Krug

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best damn rock climbing on the Colorado Front Range. And we do this every day. We continually evaluate, adapt, and educate ourselves to be the best rock climbing guides possible.

Being the best version for us extends beyond just climbing. We also look out for the next generation by being stewards of our crags by donating time and money. We look out for our fellow climbers, our friends, and our families. All of this helps keep the sport we love sustainable.

Rock Climbing Stewardship

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Our Clients' Reviews

Gym to Crag

Dan is incredible! My boyfriend and I are experienced gym climbers and he provided very solid introduction to transitioning to a crag. He's patient, incredibly knowledgeable and doesn't just explain what to do but why it is important, where you can take shortcuts and where shortcuts could lead to a safety concerns. He knows North Table inside and out and sets an example of a trail steward, someone who models crag etiquette and his company gives back to the Boulder Climbing organization.

Intro to Outdoor Climbing

Intro to rock climbing covered everything you need to know, even if you’ve never stepped foot in a climbing gym before! Dan is a great guide; explains things well and helps you learn the basics to continue the sport. Much more affordable than the other companies in the area, and much more available times/dates. Definitely give them a go!


This was a birthday surprise for a 4 hr repelling adventure and I’m so glad they chose this company. Dan is one of the BEST guides that I’ve had in a very long time! I’m former military so I say that with trust and confidence in his abilities to explain things, keep you safe and make it fun. I highly recommend any of his services and know you’re gonna have a great time. I’ll be back and thanks again Dan!

Intro to Outdoor Climbing

It was an amazing experience! The hike itself felt extremely satisfying as you overlook Golden, Co. Dan was extremely patient with our group of different ages and experience levels. He made it simple and easy for everyone to try, as well as helped push our limits throughout the climb! Will definitely book again when I'm back in Denver!

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