Climb the Flatirons


Climb the Flatirons


~6 Hours




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Climb 1000 feet into the Colorado Sky!

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For groups larger than 2 climbers, please call or text 888-560-6994

What should I expect? Join one of Denver Climbing Company’s expert mountain guides on the climb of a lifetime. The Flatirons are massive rock features that dwarf the local town of Boulder, CO. Your guide will help you navigate the rocky faces all the way to the summit where you’ll enjoy breathtaking views overlooking our beautiful state. This adventure is physically challenging and takes you high above the ground, so you should have some previous climbing experience before undertaking this one. But the reward of standing on top of this iconic rock is worth the journey.

Who is this climb for? Anyone with previous climbing experience looking for beautiful views and a new challenge.

Are there age restrictions? We suggest 16 and older.

Do I need equipment? We supply everything you need. But you can bring your own if you have it.

Do I need experience? Yes. You should have some previous climbing experience to fully enjoy the climb.

What is the difficulty? We will discuss different routes we can take with you. But they range in difficulty from 5.3 to 5.6.

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