Climbing and Yoga



Level: Beginner to Advanced
Duration: 4 Hours

– All Equipment Included –

  • 45 minute Outdoor Yoga Class
  • 2 Hours of Top-Rope Rock Climbing
  • For Yoga : Please bring your own mat and or props you would like. Mats will be provided for those who don’t have their own.
  • Provided : Climbing Shoes, Harness, Helmet, Chalk Bag.  You can also bring your own climbing equipment.

Denver Climbing Company is teaming up with the talented Julieta Claire to provide a new amazing experience.

Begin your morning with a yoga class taught by Julieta on the mountain under the beautiful CO sky. You will enjoy all levels 45 min alignment based flow class, designed to help warm the body up in preparation for climbing. Gentle stretching of main muscle groups that will assist in creating more mobility when you climb.

Meet your experienced climbing guides at a nearby cliff. For the remainder of the session, challenge yourself physically and mentally as you ascend real outdoor rock walls with pre-set safety ropes. Your experienced climbing guides will take care of all the technical aspects and safety while you focus on reaching the top. Experienced climbers will have the opportunity to belay for others in the group.

20 minutes from downtown Denver.  Click for map.

Price Per Participant - $149

Top Rope Rock Climbing Lesson
Yoga in Denver
Top Rope Rock climbing
Yoga in a Rock Climbing Gym