The Best Outdoor Activities in Denver

hiking near Denver, Colorado
Denver, Colorado

The Best Outdoor Activities in Denver

    According to Lonely Planet’s Top Cities to Visit in 2020, Denver is ranked 10th globally and 2nd best destination in the US behind Washington DC. Tourists can access the best outdoor activities in Denver. It is the unrivaled paradise destination for outdoor activities in Colorado and beyond for tourists and Coloradans alike. For starters, Denver strikes a perfect balance in the proximity of opportunities for outdoor activities and high-end amenities. You can enjoy the best outdoor activities in Denver in less than 30 minutes after finishing your healthy breakfast in a high-end amenity in downtown. Within a half-hour, you can transition from having lunch downtown to standing on the edge of a 100-meter rock face ready for your climb. 

    Denver’s position as the best destination for outdoor activities is reinforced further by a perfectly sunny climate and great food. To enjoy all the best outdoor activities in Denver, you can seek a run-a-rock service offered by established companies in outdoor activities like Denver Climbing Company. All these ingredients of a great outdoor experience come seamlessly together only in Denver.

What are the 6 Best Outdoor Activities in Denver?

The proximity of breathtaking sites to this metro area means that you can access and exploit the best outdoor activities in Denver very easily and quickly. Among the best outdoor activities in Denver includes outdoor rock climbing, rappelling, hiking, fly fishing, mountain biking, and whitewater rafting. All these outdoor activities can be enjoyed within a small geographic location and short period.

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  1. Outdoor Rock Climbing in Denver

When it comes to outdoor rock climbing, a destination that provides quality crags and boulders in a variety of ascents and challenges is defined as rock climber’s paradise. Denver is rock-climber’s paradise, and it is renowned for outdoor rock climbing due to its proximity to thousands of thrilling opportunities for rock climbing spread across the Front Range. Denver is one of a few destinations that cater to rock-climbing for anyone regardless of skill sets and levels. From first-timers to beginners, intermediates, and seasoned mountaineers, Denver has something for everyone. In regards to variety, quality crags and boulder challenges in thousands of routes with extensive ascents offer a wide range of climbs. Be it for leisure, sports, trad climbers, or boulderers, all categories of climbers can access their preferred routes and ascents just a few minutes from downtown Denver.

The best outdoor rock climbing routes in Denver are located around the iconic Flatirons, Golden Cliffs, Clear Creek Canyon, and the scenic Boulder Canyon. If you love to mix a different variety of climbs while indulging in the scenic sight of Boulder in the background, Flatirons will be perfect for you. Rising from the eastern slopes of Green Mountain, the five iconic Flatirons offer hundreds of routes. From single-pitch sport routes to multi-pitch gear routes and boulder problems, all climbers from veterans to beginners can enjoy an extensive variety of gradients and scenic climbs in Flatirons. If you are a sport climber, you can test your skills on quality crags and routes ranging to 5.12 and higher on the Central Flatirons. The Southside offers scenic views, solitude, and slab for trad climbers to enjoy, while both long and short climbs with challenging boulder problems for boulderers are in the North. For beginner and intermediate seeking fun leisurely climb, Seal Rock’s east face offers lower-grade gear routes. For the best outdoor rock climbing in Denver, you can seek the services of Denver Climbing Company. No experience is required and all equipment is included. Explore the mountains in a unique way and try out rock climbing for yourself.

  1. Rappelling in Denver

One of the basic requirements for rappelling is solid slabs of rock outcrops with different gradients for any rappelling skill set. Apart from offering hundreds of routes for rock climbing, the Flatirons rising west of Boulder, Colorado also offers great spots for rappelling. You can exploit rappelling opportunities in the Flatirons by seeking the guidance of experts in the field. For instance, Denver Climbing Company offers the best rappelling training in Denver. From beginners to veterans in rappelling, Denver is the place to be.

  1. Hiking in Denver

From sandstone cliffs to gentle urban trails and steep rocky paths, hiking is one of the best outdoor activities in Denver. Whether you are a tourist seeking some alone time to soul-search or a seasoned hiker, you can quench your thirst for long hikes in trails around Denver. The tough and steep rocky trails in Boulder and across the foothills of Rockies offer seasoned hikers the challenge that they seek. On the other end, families can enjoy Colorado’s strikingly unique and breathtaking scenery by taking leisure-like hikes in urban trails and with low-grade walks around Cherry Creek State Park. Other great hiking opportunities around Denver include Golden, Clear Creek Canyon, Red Rocks Amphitheater, Matthew Winters State Park, and Mt. Falcon.

  1. Mountain Biking in Denver

Being located on the slopes of several mountains, ranges, and foothills with an infinite number of trails and routes makes Denver one of the prime destinations globally for mountain biking. As a mountain biker, your experience depends on the availability of a wide variety of challenges in each trail and route. This is why Denver is a must-include destination for mountain bikers. The slopes of each foothill and mountain offer you a variety of challenges and gradients for beginners, average, and highly experienced mountain bikers. Trails and paths around Table Mountain and Golden provide infinite biking opportunities for families and friends seeking leisurely mellow rides. In 30 minutes or less, experienced mountain bikers can drive from downtown Denver to enjoy the adrenaline rush of riding through twisty trails and paths on the creek-side of Clear Creek Canyon and slopes of Red Rocks. Regardless of your skillset, mountain biking is among the best outdoor activities in Denver.

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  1. Whitewater Rafting in Denver

With Clear Creek flowing less than an hour away from downtown in the majestic Clear Creek Canyon, whitewater rafting opportunities in the Denver area are plentiful. For tourists and beginners in the larger Denver area, several gentle rapids along Clear Creek offers you the opportunity to nurture your whitewater rafting skills. Alternatively, avid leisure rafters, as well as seasoned and highly experienced rafters seeking to push themselves further, can venture northwards to challenge the rushing rapids in the Upper Colorado River. The upper portion of the river provides seasoned rafters with long stretches, tricky obstacles, and rock outcrops for longer and adrenaline-pumping whitewater rafting experience.

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  1. Fly Fishing in Denver

When it comes to fly fishing, avid anglers assess the destinations to fish based on scenery, accessibility, and the richness of a variety of fish in streams and rivers. Denver fulfills the three requirements for enhanced fly-fishing experience effortlessly. The rolling foothills and canyons with the spectacular Rockies as the backdrop, Denver’s scenery is unrivaled. In regards to accessibility, the city is one of a few metro areas located close to great opportunities for beginners and experienced fly-fishers. From Clear Creek to Boulder Creek, you can access wade-able and slow-flowing crystal clear streams for easy fly fishing as well as fast-flowing and highly challenging streams for seasoned anglers. All these exhilarating fly fishing opportunities can be accessed in less than an hour from downtown Denver. Most importantly, hundreds of shallow, wade-able spots for inexperienced casters in Clear Creek Canyon and challenging, rushing waters in Boulder Creek and Eldorado offer a wide variety of classic Colorado trout. Denver is the place to be if you love fly fishing for brook trout, rainbow trout, and brown trout in easy to challenging waters and Colorado’s spectacular setting to keep you company.

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It is undeniable that Denver is the best destination for outdoor enthusiasts and tourists all rolled in one. Denver is one of a few destinations that offer an extensive variety of routes, slabs, trails, paths, spots, and rapids for climbers, rappelling enthusiasts, hikers, bikers, anglers, and rafters respectively. At Denver Climbing Company, we are focused and dedicated to helping tourists to access the best outdoor rock climbing and rappelling in Denver. From first-timers to veterans, Denver Climbing Company offers some of the best outdoor activities in Denver.

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Denver, Colorado
Denver, Colorado

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