Holiday Gifts for Rock Climbers

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Holiday Gifts for Rock Climbers

You have a family member or friend who is obsessed with rock climbing. But you aren’t sure of what to get them this holiday season? 

We get it!  Luckily, Denver Climbing Company is here to help you get the perfect gift for your rock climber this year! Rock climbing is what we do so when it comes to helping you pick the perfect climbing gift, this is the right place to be. We stock rock climbing gear and offer climbing classes. So we have the perfect rock climbing gift s for all budgets. Let’s get started.


Rock Climbing Gift Card

If you want to play it safe, you can’t go wrong with a rock climbing gift card. At Denver Climbing Company, you can purchase a gift card for any amount. This balance can be used toward both climbing trips with our professional guides, our large inventory of climbing equipment, and even our proprietary climbing products like Practi Bolts. By getting them a rock climbing gift, they’ll have the freedom to get the gear or training they need. And they won’t stop thanking you for it!

Denver Climbing Company gift cards are as convenient as they come. You enter the recipients name, email address, a short message, and the date you want it delivered. When it arrives to their email, expect a big thanks as they dream of their next mountain adventure.

These gift cards can be redeemed for trips approproate for all skill levels and ages.  This includes beginners! I’d suggest $50 to supplement their climbing addition and to buy some equipment. If you hope to purchase them a climbing trip, I’d suggest starting at $300.


Practi Bolts® Training System

Although a generic gift card can be a great option for a gift, maybe you want to make it a little more personal. Denver Climbing Company’s Patnted product, Practi Bolts, is a specialized gift you won’t be able to get anywhere else. This tool allows a climber to practice critical safety skills at home! By mimicking a climbing anchor, the user can practice the skills they need before their life depend on it. Every holiday season, we sell out of this fantastic gift so make sure to get your Practi Bolts as soon as possible!

As with all products in our store, you can select to Gift this item from the product page.  This will send the recipient a voucher that can be redeemed directly for the chosen product. This is 


The Gift of Gear

Maybe you’ve heard them talking about some climbing gadget. Maybe you know they have an upcoming climbing trip requiring something special. Either purchase the desired item directly or choose to “Gift this Product”. The recipient will receive an email on the day of your choosing with a voucher code to redeem your selected product. 

Gifting a climbing product provides the ease of a gift card but also the acnolwedgment of knowing exactly what your loved one needs for their next climbing adventure! Visit the Denver Climbing Company store to select from a wide range of rock climbing gifts for this holiday season.

I’ve made a list of some of our most popular climbing gift options this season!

Here at Denver Climbing Company, we have you covered this holiday season! Whether your choose a climbing gift card, Practi Bolts, or gifting climbing equipment, we are here to provide the easiest experience for delivering the perfect gift to the rock climber in your life!

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