Colorado Climbing

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Multi-Pitch rock climbing in Boulder, Colorado.
Lead Climbing
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Lead Climbing Golden, CO
Building Anchors

Introduction to Climbing

Choose this option if you are a beginner climber or if this will be your first time climbing. No experience is required and all equipment is included. Have a professional guide teach you all the essential skills of real rock climbing. During this 4 hour session, you will learn how to tie knots, belay, climb efficiently, and more. Plus you will have lots of opportunity to climb on real outdoor Colorado rock.

Bolted Top Rope Anchor Clinic

Do you already know how to climb and want to set up your own ropes? Take the next step and learn how to setup your own top-rope on a bolted anchor during this four hour session. Skills learned include Anchor Access, Multiple Anchor Setups, Safety Concerns, Rappelling, Anchor Removal, Fixed Hardware Care and more. Plus get the opportunity to climb on a completed system you built yourself.

Sport Climbing Clinic

Do you want to learn how to lead outdoor bolted routes? During this four hour session, your AMGA instructor will teach you the skills of clipping quickdraws properly, gear knowledge, lead belaying, safety, rope management, and more. Pre-Reqs: Bolted Top Rope Anchor Clinic

Natural and Traditional Anchor Building

Learn how to build bomber anchors for all your future climbing experiences. Use natural features, such as boulders and trees, or traditional gear placements to create top-rope setups, belay anchors, rappel stations and more. This course is instructed by a trained AMGA rock guide Mark Jameson who has years of experience on rock walls around the world. During this 8 hour session, learn the skills to take your rock climbing anywhere. Prereqs: Proficient Sport Climber

Introduction to Trad Climbing

Learn the art of placing gear during this 8 hour course. Your instructor will cover gear knowledge, proper placements, safety concerns, gear organization, and more as you become proficient at these coveted skills. Are you ready to loose the bolts and enter the world of Trad? Pre-Reqs: Proficient Sport Climber