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In the News

25 Best Things to Do in Denver

Learning to climb (or developing your technique, if it comes to that!) would be a great day out for all the family. The Denver Climbing Company Outdoor Climbing School provides rock climbing instruction and guiding and…

Rock Climber

Rock Climbing in Denver: 8 Must Visit Locations

The Denver Climbing Company is a facility that provides guided tours to a variety of rock climbing areas within Colorado. They offer guided climbing instructions and guided rock climbing trip…

Boulder rock climbing

More to Do in Cheeseman

Cheesman Park may also be one of the best spots to head for people interested in rock climbing. It’s home to the Denver Climbing Company, a rock climbing school for beginners to advanced…

Climbing Wall

Best Outdoor Dates in Denver

They’ve got options for every skill level and there’s no faster way to build trust (or possibly distrust) than hanging off the side of a vertical rocky slope together…

Climbing in Denver Colorado

World's Highest Climbing Wall

Rock climbing at ground level just wasn’t enough for Denver Climbing Company. (Acrophobes beware.) Our reaction was somewhere between a jaw-drop, shudder and jump for joy. Watch for yourself…

Climbing Guide

It's Never Been Done Before

Daniel Krug, founder of Denver Climbing Company, is the man behind the adrenaline-pumping combo. The Colorado-based rock-climbing guide says the goal of his company is to introduce people to new sports and give them the skills to have adventures…

Rock Climbing in Boulder, Colorado