Intro to Outdoor Climbing


Intro to Outdoor Climbing


2 Hours




Climb Type

Top Rope

Real Outdoor Rock Climbing

Let's Climb Together


What should I expect? Join Dan Krug in the scenic canyons outside of Denver, Colorado for an epic 2-hour introduction to real outdoor rock climbing. While listening to the bubbling river and enjoying the golden sun reflecting off the mountainsides, Dan will teach you the ropes. If it’s your first time, you’ll learn essential skills like how to belay, tie in, perform safety checks, and of course, CLIMB! Most of your outdoor climbing session will be spent climbing real rock cliffs using a top-rope rock climbing system. And Dan will personally capture photos to document your adventure.

Is this class for me? Yes! This rock climbing adventure is designed to provide an amazing experience for first-timers and those with previous experience. We will have climbs of all difficulty set up for you. Choose your own adventure!

Do I need equipment? No! We supply everything you need including climbing shoes, harnesses, and helmets.

Are there age restrictions? If you are 4 years or older, you are welcome to join!

Where is it? We meet you at the climbing location at your scheduled time. Expect about a 20 minute drive from Denver. Find directions here.

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