Top 3 LockingCarabiners for Climbing


Top 3 LockingCarabiners for Climbing

Carabiners are  one of those items rock climbers can never have enough of. From your belay device to your anchor, all areas of climbing require a carabiner. So here are my favorite carabiners for 2023.

Weight: 89g | Strength: 25 KN | Price: $34.95

  • Top Rope Anchors, Rappelling

The Edelrid HMS Bulletproof Triple Carabiner is the number one carabiner I use.The triple action gate provides me the extra security when used at the anchor. The wide tongue provides ample room for any knot, hitch, and even multiple ropes at a multipitch station. But the best feature is the steel insert that resists rope wear without adding much extra weight.Theprice is slightly more than an all aluminum HMS carabiner, but I think it easily pays for itself in longevity.

Weight: 90g | Strength: 27 KN | Price: $21.95

  • Multipitch Climbing, Munters

There is one main reason Ilike this next carabiner. TheWilliam Ball Lock Carabiner by Petzl is very roomy! With more internal space then the Edelrid Bulletproof and only one gram heavier, this carabiner prefect for Munters and multipitch belay anchors. The ball lock makes opening this carabiner super fast as well.

Weight: 56g | Strength: 22 KN | Price: $16.95

  • Trad Climbing

This is one of the lightest HMS style carabiners on the market.If cutting weight its what you’re looking to do, the CAMP NitroLock is the best choice for you. There is a slight reduction in strength, but for rock climbing and mountaineering purposes, it’s still plenty strong. It’s also the most affordable out of these three options. But the reason it’s so light is also the reason it will wear out quicker if used with a movingrope. This carabiner is bets used for static connections without a moving rope slicing into the aluminum.

Different objectives can have different optimal carabiners. So plan to have a few different types on hand to best suit your adventure. Make sure to follow my tech tip page on how to utilize these tools @practibolts. And hire a Denver Climbing Company guide to learn all the skills of outdoor rock climbing.

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