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Practi Bolts™


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Attachment bolt replicas that stick to any magnetic surface using both a magnet and reusable sticky surface. Easily practice rope systems for

  • rock climbing
  • rescue
  • rope access
  • professional arborists


These climbing bolt replicas use a combination of strong magnets and nano gel to temporarily adhere to any magnetic surface.  The sticky gel surface is reusable, so just peel them off and place them again wherever you want. Practice crucial skills of climbing like anchor building and cleaning.

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4 reviews for Practi Bolts™

  1. Ryan

    These are great! I have been using them for practicing anchor setting as well as lead clipping. The magnet alone is very strong and the gel adds extra strength it also keeps them from sliding around. No issue holding any of the gear, highly recommended!

  2. Ben
    (verified owner)

    These are great for practicing any two point anchors

  3. Matt
    (verified owner)

    These are awesome! Gone are the days of Jerry-rigged anchors on my deck for practice. The magnets and adhesive are surprisingly strong, taking all but one of the little downward yanks while trying them out. Great customization, well thought-out product for doing a little anchor training with coffee or a beer in hand.

  4. Erik
    (verified owner)

    An invaluable tool in any climber’s home or kit, especially those aspiring towards a guiding profession. I’ve been trying to teach my partner anchor building/cleaning techniques but haven’t had a good way to visualize it on the ground. Now I can practice on the exact scenario we will find climbing outdoors! Great hold on the magnets and the sticky pads, can hold two climbers worth of anchor material as well as belay devices for multi-pitch scenarios.

    Only request would be another set of the quick links – the ability to add rings or other common fixed anchor materials to the end of the chains would greatly increase the flexibility and scope of this product. For now I can go get some from the hardware store.

    Thanks to Dan for great communication and a great tool!

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