Airo Harness


• Size: XS, S, M, L and XL
• Certification:CE EN12277

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Airo is a tough light weight harness with high performance that offers reliable protection especially for rock climbing and ice climbing.

• The ergonomic design of belts and leg loops can strengthen the support for the body. It can provide maximal degrees of body freedom
together with high comfort without any hindrance.
• The integration of the harness can distribute body weight evenly on the whole harness. A lack of local pressure points improves comfort.
• At the front of the belt, there are two gear loops for taking gears out more easily. The loop backwards is soft enough that it won’t press on the body.
• There is an attached mounting point on both sides of the belt, which allows carabiners or tool racks to click in to bring more gears such as ice piton.
• Quick Buckle is safer and more convenient.
• More durable materials are used.
• Application: Suitable for all kinds of climbing and work at heights.

[Tech Specs]
• Size: XS, S, M, L and XL
• Certification:CE EN12277

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