Alopias Belay Device


●Suitable for Dia. 7.7-10.5mm ropes
●Certifications: EN15151-2
●Size: 92X42X32mm
●Material: Aluminum alloy
●Weight: 71g

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Alopias belay device is ultra-light and easy to use.

●Hot-forged aluminum alloy belay device, lightweight
●V-shaped friction channels, with asymmetrical side grooves, adapt the rope friction for better control (braking adapted to half, twin and single dynamic ropes)
●For swapping leads (team of 2), offers a quick transition from Reverso mode to belaying the leader
●Keeper cable keeps the device from moving up the rope when belaying and reduces risk of losing the device
●For both single or double ropes us

Alopias1 Alopias Belay Device

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