KAILAS Anchor Chain (KAC)


Recommended Use: Climbing, rescue, work at height.
Patent No.: 201120263003.6
Length: 120cm
Strength: 22kN (for each webbing)
Certification: CE2008 EN566
Weight: KAC 120g



With its innovative design, KAC (KAILAS Anchor Chain) is sewn with several webbings
•The strength of each KAC webbing is 22kN, which is safer and more convenient, completely eliminating the risk of improper operation
•Color Recognition Program – different colors of webbings help increase the operation speed
•KAC Dyneema is made of ultralight, high-strength Dyneema webbing of 12mm width, featuring lightweight, low water absorption rate, and it’s suitable for ice and snow environment. KAC is made of high-strength nylon webbing of 12mm width
•It’s safer than traditional daisy chain

Denver Climbing Company Review: This anchor chain(PAS) is excellent!  It is longer than others on the market, making it easier to clip in at the anchors with out being completely level.  We recommend this product.


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