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The Best Outdoor Activities in Denver

Best Outdoor Activities Near Denver     According to Lonely Planet’s Top Cities to Visit in 2020, Denver is ranked 10th globally and 2nd best destination in the US behind Washington DC. Tourists can access the best outdoor activities in Denver. … Read More

How to Belay

How to Belay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cda_Qk68Cao&t=54s    Learning to belay is the single most important thing about beginning to climb. Belaying is what keeps climbing safe. The techniques used are incredibly simple and very important. The first rule of belaying is never take … Read More

Rock Climbing and Health

Health and Climbing Rock Climbing on a Climbing Wall     The average person in the Western world lives a fairly sedentary lifestyle. Rock climbing offers a fun and exciting way to get your daily exercise. It provides a multitude of … Read More

Rock Climbing Belay Devices

Rock Climbing Belay Devices Braking Assisted Device (GriGri)     There are three main styles of belay device: tube style, locking-assisted, and figure 8. Each have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. The most basic and widespread are the tube style … Read More

Best Climbing Areas Near Denver

Denver, Colorado Climbing Areas Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado     There is a lifetime of climbing in the areas surrounding Denver, CO.  But two nearby cities especially stand out. Boulder, a city 30 miles northwest, sits at the base of the … Read More