Top Rope Anchors

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Top Rope Anchors

Building top rope anchors is one of the core skills all climbers need to know. Check out this video on how to build different anchor systems for a single pitch climbing scenario.

Anchor Principles (STRADS):

  • Strong
    • Your climbing anchor and all components, including the bolts or cams, should inspire confidence with their strength.
  • Timely
    • Climbing anchors should be done efficiently. Practice is one of the keys to this priciple.
  • Redundant
    • If one component fails, something else should still catch you!
  • Angle
    • Smaller angles at the rock climbing anchors masterpoint result in less force at the nodes. (See Video)
  • Distribution
    • All components should share the load as much as possible. Also consider the effects of a redistribution of weight if one component fails.
  • Simple
    • Keep your rock climbing anchors as simple as possible. This will help you in all other principles for a great climbing anchor!

About the Instructor: Cody was a talented teacher who masterfully conveyed the skills of rock climbing to his students. Cody passed away in 2022 and will be missed. I hope by posting here, others will continue to learn from him.

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