World’s Highest Rock Climbing Wall

Worlds Highest Climbing Wall


2 minutes






4,000 Feet

About the Climb

Do you want to climb 4,000 feet above the ground with out having to waste your time climbing the first 3,990 feet? Denver Climbing Company has your solution. By using a gravity defying thermal driven aircraft connected to a futuristic climbing surface originally developed for the space program, you can achieve your goals with A LOT less effort. You can be just like that one crazy guy from that one climbing video you saw on Netflix! We are proud to introduce the World's Highest Climbing Wall! After our aircraft ascends 4,000ft above the ground, all you have to do is crawl over the side, descend a rope, and start to climb! All done? Just let go. When you get close to hitting the ground, simply deploy the provided parachute and float down to your new found infamy among your unlimited Tinder dates. Do you have a young child and are worried the height might be scary? Not a problem! We'll get them climbing at the youth climbing altitude of only 2,000 feet (AGL). And once they fall off, we'll continuing to the higher level more appropriate for adults. They shouldn't drift to far away. Watch our video below. See you in the sky!

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Common Questions

No. A baby could skydive. It’s pretty easy.

Full refunds will be provided up to 24 hours before your trip. No refunds within 24 hours of your trip. Reschedules are always complimentary.

Pray. Hot air balloons are extremely volatile in bad weather.

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